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Sandymouth offer a hearty breakfast and lunch menu, filled with family favorites, designed to help you refuel and explore your breathtaking surroundings.

Our specials menu is freshly prepared and updated daily in order to offer you the freshest local ingredients straight from the Atlantic or North Cornwall’s lush green fields.

We also offer a plethora of fresh cakes, hot beverages, a welcoming atmosphere and truly majestic views of Sandymouth Beach’s coastline.

Please check out our Facebook page for more information on specials of the week!

Sandymouth Cake selection


Fresh from the sea or the North Cornish fields, we make the best of today’s local produce

Served to 11:30am

Sandymouth Full English
2 bacon, 1 local sausage, egg, tomato, mushrooms, rosti potato, beans and toast, £7.95

Sandymouth Vegetarian
2 Veg sausage, egg, tomato, mushrooms, rosti potato, beans and toast, £7.95

American Pancakes
Bacon and maple syrup, £4.50

Breakfast Baps
On brown, white or gluten free

Bacon, £3.95.   Veggie Sausage, £3.95.  Sausage, £3.95.  Add egg, £1


Brisk or breezy sustenance for vigorous walks and relaxed chats


On brown malted, white or gluten free bread, served with salad and crisps

Cheddar & Chutney, £6.95

BLT, £6.95

Tuna Mayonnaise, £6.95

Ham & Mustard, £6.95

Prawn & Marie Rose, £6.95

Mozzarella, Pesto, Mayonnaise, Tomatoes & Basil, £6.95

Chicken, Bacon & Avocado, £6.95


Served in a burger roll with salad

Angus Burger
Served with spicy tomato chutney, £7.50

Angus Burger With Cheese, Served with spicy tomato chutney

100% Chicken Fillet Burger
Served with mayonnaise, £7.50

Sandymouth Surf Burger
Angus burger, bacon, egg, cheese & spicy tomato chutney, £9.95

Sandymouth Vegan Burger
Served with vegan mayonnaise, £7.50

Hot Dog
With onions, £3.75


Cheddar Cheese, £7.95

Baked Beans, £7.95

Chilli Con Carne, £8.95

Tuna Mayonnaise, £8.95

Prawn & Marie Rose, £8.95

Red Pepper & Aubergine Chilli, £8.95


Served with salad and crisps

Brie & Cranberry, £7.95

Bacon & Cheese, £7.95

Tuna, Red Onion & Cheese, £7.95

Mozzarella, Pesto, Sunblushed Tomato , £7.95

Ham & Cheese, £7.95


Kid’s Lunch Boxes

Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Macaroni Cheese

Kids Hot Chocolate

Kids Luxury Hot Chocolate

Fresh Ice Cream Milkshakes
(Topped with cream)
Strawberry / chocolate / banana, £3.95


Cappuccino, £2.95

Latte, £2.85

Flat White, £2.85

Americano, £2.60

Espresso, £1.90

Mocha, £3.30

Add A Syrup, 50p

Tea, £2.20

Herbal Tea, £2.75

Hot Chocolate, £3.25

Luxury Hot Chocolate, £3.95

Kids Hot Chocolate, £1.95

Kids Luxury Hot Chocolate, £1.95

Fresh Ice Cream Milkshakes
(Topped with cream)
Strawberry / chocolate / banana, £3.95

Afternoon Tea
Plain or Fruit Scone
Clotted cream and strawberry jam, £3.50